World Phonecard Catalogue United Kingdom 2

Collecting British Telecom (BT) chip cards and other UK issued telephone cards from companies such as Mercury, Paytelco, Plessey and New World?

The World Phonecard Catalogue UK 2 covers all these British issues and more. Printed in full colour the 224 page catalogue also includes British Rail telecommunication cards, Nynex cards, GPT cards and Landis & Gyr chip cards.

In addition cards from BT and joint ventures with telecommunication companies in Italy (Albacom), Belgium and The Netherlands (Telfort) are also listed.

Key Features

‣Colour photos of each telephone card (front mainly, some reverse as well)
‣Includes standard catalogue reference numbers
‣Includes quantities produced for each
‣Includes mint values - as they were in 2006
‣Complete card batch or partial card numbers are often provided

ISBN: 0-9524328-2-X

If you are a collector of BT chip cards or other UK issues (mentioned above) then this catalogue really is a must have, the information within is invaluable for any collector from beginner to experienced.

Collecting BT optical cards? You need to buy World Phonecard Catalogue UK 1

World Phonecard Catalogue United Kingdom 2 - £14.99 + delivery

Contents of UK 2 Phonecard Catalogue

World Phonecard Catalogue UK 2 was published in 2006 and covers the later BT chip cards, together with all other UK telephone cards including Mercury, Plessey, GPT and New World. The contents the UK 2 Phonecard Catalogue is as follows:

British Telecom (BT) Chip Cards (for optical cards please see UK 1 Phonecard Catalogue)

‣TRL - BT Alpha Trial Cards
‣TRL - BT Beta Trial Cards
‣PAB - BT PAB Test Cards
‣DEF - BT Definitive Cards
‣PPL - BT Phonecard Plus Cards
‣PUB - BT Public Issue Cards
‣PRO - BT Promotional Cards
‣EUR - BT Eurostar Cards
‣VIS - BT Visiting Cards
‣SPE - BT Special Cards
‣TST - BT Evaluation and Test Cards

Mercury Communications

‣MER - Mercurycards
‣MEI - Mercury Internal and Test Cards
‣MEF/MEB/MEO/MEX - Mercury Overseas Cards
‣MEV - Mercury Visiting Cards

Other Telecoms

‣CLK - New World - Cardlink Cards
‣NWP - New World - Smart Z Cards
‣BRT - BRT Railcall Cards
‣NNX - Nynex Cards
‣PLE - Plessey Cards
‣GPT - GPT Cards
‣SMA - Smart Cards
‣PUL/SOL - Landis & Gyr Cards
‣SAT - Satellite Cards
‣ALB - BT / Albacom Cards
‣BEL - BT / Belgium Cards
‣TEL - BT / Telfort Cards
‣REM - BT Remote Memory Cards
‣BT and Mercury Proof Cards
‣BT Optical Cards Update - CUR, CUT, CUP, BTE, BTX and additonal confirmed Control Numbers.

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Last updated: 13th March 2023

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