BTI: Internal BT Phonecards

These British Telecom (BT) telephone cards were cards commissioned by internal departments within BT, usually in limited print runs, for a specific event, sponsorship or to advertise a particular service. As such, the availability of these cards is restricted to agents, officials or members of organisations sponsored by BT. Included in this section are cards issued to a specific individual within BT for use as a visiting card.

The cards pictured below appear in order of catalogue number BTI001 to BTI208. The cards pictured are a mere few from the BTI category which features 209 cards. To view all of the cards in BTI section simply purchase a copy of the UK 1 World Phonecard Catalogue (pictured right).

BTI029: Cropped BT Logo - BT Phonecard

BT piper logo printed onto a 20unit BT Phonecard.
BTI029: Cropped BT Logo
Quantity: 6,484
Issued: 1992

BTI037: NHS Trust Conference - BT Phonecard

Used and scratched copy of NHS Trust Federation Annual Conference 1992.
BTI037: NHS Trust Conference
Quantity: 500
Issued: 1992

BTI040: Listen Carefully - BT Phonecard

Used Listen Carefully 20unit BT Phonecard.
BTI040: Listen Carefully
Quantity: 9,628
Issued: 1992-1993

BTI057: Winning Matters - BT Phonecard

Winning Matters BT telephone card.
BTI057: Winning Matters
Quantity: 170,000
Issued: 1993

BTI109: BTCC Valentine Card - Call the one you love - BT Phonecard

BT Collectors Club St. Valentines Day 1995 BT Phonecard.
BTI109: BTCC Valentine Card - "Call the one you love"
Quantity: 1,000
Issued: 1995

BTI110: BTCC Valentine Card - Someone loves me - BT Phonecard

BT Collectors Club St. Valentines Day 1995 BT Phonecard.
BTI110: BTCC Valentine Card - "Someone loves me"
Quantity: 1,000
Issued: 1995

BTI119: BT Worldwide Networks / Thank You... - BT Phonecard

Thank you... 10unit BT Phonecard.
BTI119: BT Worldwide Networks / Thank You...
Quantity: 5,000
Issued: 1994

BTI144: Welcome to Delta Poin - BT Phonecard

Mint Welcome to Delta Point, Croydon - BT Phonecard.
BTI144: Welcome to Delta Point
Quantity: 200
Issued: 1995

BTI198: Police National Network - BT Phonecard

PNN Police National Network BT Phonecard.
BTI198: Police National Network
Quantity: 2,100
Issued: 1993

BTI209: Euro '96 Collectors Card - The FA Crest - BT Phonecard

England Football The FA Crest BT Phonecard.
BTI209: Euro '96 Collectors Card - The FA Crest
Quantity: 2,380
Issued: 1996

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