BT Phonecard - BTP087 - Ogilvy & Mather - Porky Pig / Wisk

Phonecard details:

Telecom: BT
Year of issue: 1992
Catalogue number: BTP087
Units/value: 5units
Quantity issued: 500 + 500 reissue (1000)
Control number: 243C and 224E (reissue)
Notched: Yes
Reverse printed: Yes

Phonecard description:

The front of the telephone card depicts a smiling cartoon pig, besides a bottle of Wisk and with the caption "Wisk keeps pinks perky". Why and who on earth commissioned the Phonecard? Flipping the card over reveals that the card the was commissioned by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and used as an advertising/marketing tool.

The reverse of the card is printed with the following text in white: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Mike Walsh Chairman, 071-712-3000.

More information along with photos of the front and reverse of the card can be found below.

Phonecard images:

Pictured below; the front and reverse of the BTP087 BT Phonecard.

Additional comments and information:

In total, 1,000 cards were produced, through two batches of 500 cards each. However, only 500 cards were originally commissioned. So why was an extra 500 produced? The following article that appeared in the May/June 1992 issue of Phonecard Collector has the answer.

They was "wisked" guv'

A number of collectors have recently found a new 5unit BT card with a cartoon picture of a pig on it, supposedly advertising "Wisk", a liquid washing detergent. Investigations have elicited the information that this was possible advertising gimmick, prepared, and issued by a certain advertising agency, which hoped to be able to interest various prospective clients in running a promotion/s, using said telephone cards to get their message across. I am not yet aware of whether they have succeeded or not.

However, a total of 500 cards were actually ordered, and received, of which roughly 200 were given away to current and prospective clients, as well as a few visitors. What happened to the other 300? What, indeed! Apparently a rather embarrassing occurrence ensured - they were STOLEN!!

Indications are that a goodly number of these have been used in the Leeds/Sheffield area at least, since the advertising agency has been receiving calls from collectors resident in these parts. As a further supply of another 500 cards have already been re-ordered, and now received from BT.

BTP087 - Porky Pig / Wisk Phonecard Control numbers

The original 500 batch of Ogilvy & Mather phone cards has the following control number prefix:


The subsequent batch of 500 cards has the following control number prefix:


What is a Phonecard control number?

Can you offer more information about this card? If so, please contact me quoting the cards reference number 'BTP087' with further details about the card. The new details will then be added to this webpage.

Collecting telephone cards?

The BT optical Phonecard above was one of several thousand different designs that were issued by British Telecom (BT) between 1981 and 1996.

This card along with all of the other designs have been catalogued in the World Phonecard Catalogue United Kingdom 1. Along with colour photos of all of the BT Phonecard cards, the WPC UK 1 catalogue also includes Phonecard control numbers and further details information about each telephone card. Buy a copy of the UK 1 World Phonecard catalogue.

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